Deformation Control


We develop shock absorption, lightweighting, and parts consolidation, taking into account manufacturing constraints.

提供価値 Our Value

①軽量化 ①Reduce Weight
We achieve significant weight reduction by designing optimal geometric shapes such as perforation or corrugation.
②部材一体化 ②Parts consolidation
We reduce product assembly, achieving lightweighting and reduction in manufacturing costs.
③衝撃吸収性能の向上 ③Improve Energy Absorption Performance
We improve shock absorption performance by controlling buckling during deformation. We also design high-quality energy absorbing components that consider both weight and energy absorption performance.
④開発期間短縮 ④Reduce Development Lead Time
We streamline the design of complex and advanced requirements such as shock-absorbing components by optimizing technology, shortening the development period.
⑤材料代替によるコスト削減・環境負荷低減 ⑤Cost Reduction and Environmental Load Reduction by Material Substitution
We specialize in material substitution design, which includes replacing metal parts with plastic and aluminum alternatives. Through this process, we not only achieve a reduction in weight and cost, but also contribute to environmental sustainability by lowering the burden on the environment.

適応可能部材 Applications

設計事例①:バンパ芯材 Case Studies①:Bumper

概要 Overview

We have successfully designed an optimal core structure that achieves a balance between pedestrian protection and minor collision safety. We achieve this property by designing cell geometry to precisely meet the load-displacement curve required for impact absorption. In this case, we have utilized commodity plastics as the core material, which could contribute sustainability and reduction of manufacturing costs.

設計手法 Approach

In the initial design stage, we rapidly implement design and analysis feedback on unit structures to explore the preliminary geometry. Subsequently, we embed the appropriate unit structure into the target component and optimize its shape. This process has enabled us to successfully achieve a balance between pedestrian protection and minor collision safety.

設計事例②:ブラケット Case Studies②:Blacket

概要 Overview

We have consolidated the number of parts from three to one and reduced the weight while maintaining its stiffness.