Nature Architectsはメタマテリアルを活用した独自の設計技術:Direct Functional Modelingによって従来製品を超える機能を実現し、既存製造設備で量産性を考慮した設計案を顧客に提供します。


Nature Architects provides shape design solutions for manufacturers to incorporate various physical functions such as vibration, heat conduction, deformation, and weight reduction into their products by utilizing metamaterials.

Metamaterials *1 is a generic term for structures that realize functions beyond the physical functions of natural materials such as resins and metals through artificially designed geometric structures. Appropriate use of metamaterials will make it possible to achieve advanced physical functions that were previously thought impossible to achieve using conventional manufacturing methods such as injection molding and metal processing. In addition, metamaterials can be used to create precision movements and flexibility in a single structure without assembly, which has conventionally been achieved by assembling mechanical parts or combining different materials.

In this way, metamaterials can be used to incorporate new physical functions into products without increasing the number of assembled parts. In addition, metamaterials enable designs that go beyond conventional methods to balance multiple trade-offs in design requirements, such as weight reduction and rigidity.

The design of these metamaterials is supported by our proprietary design technology, Direct Functional Modeling™️ (DFM), which enables the instantaneous generation of the appropriate metamaterial structure from the desired physical function and its incorporation into the product. DFM applies to end products that explicitly deal with motion, such as robotics, automotive, and aerospace, as well as components such as levers, switches, fans, and springs.

By using DFM, Nature Architects can incorporate various physical functions such as deformation, flexibility, vibration absorption, and thermal conductivity into products, and develop new products with greatly increased added value in collaboration with clients.

(*1: This includes structures that generate mechanical movement, such as moving parts, through elastic deformation (compliant mechanisms)).
(*2: We mainly deal with shapes that are compatible with manufacturing methods suitable for mass production, such as press working and injection molding).

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DFM Design Solutionsとは
DFM Design Solutions

DFM Design SolutionsはNature Architectsが提供する設計ソリューション群の総称です。弊社独自の設計アルゴリズムDirect Functional Modeling™️を用いて、



DFM Design Solutions is the group of design solutions offered by Nature Architects. Using our proprietary design algorithm, Direct Functional Modeling™️, we provide various physical functions such as
Vibration control Vibration transmission.
Deformation control by integral structure Heat exchange control.

In addition to these, we can also realize highly challenging designs in which shape and physical function are closely related. For example, there is generally a trade-off between reducing the weight and ensuring its support stiffness, where improving the performance of one will compromise the other. In order to extend the limits of such trade-offs, we have created an innovative information environment for the proper design of metamaterials, compliant mechanisms, and other structural design knowledge.

By operating these assets in-house and customizing them for each project, we are able to provide solutions to difficult design challenges, including trade-offs, that require a great deal of trial and error with conventional technologies. By working with us, you can
Exploring possibilities for functionality beyond conventional products Standardize your design process by digitizing your design Shortening the design lead time.
Reducing design lead time.

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