Manufacturing Adviser

中田 公明Kimiaki Nakata Kimiaki Nakata

シミュレーションを中心に、レオロジー、金型、成形機などの関連技術全般からアプローチし、フロントローディング指向の設計革新を推進。製造部門を経て、生産技術研究開発部門の生産技術研究所(ものづくり革新センター)所長。Nature Architects の目指す、新機能の創造と量産具現化の考えに共感し、アドバイザーを務める。

I am a graduate student majoring in mechanical engineering at the Graduate School of Engineering, Yamaguchi University. After joining Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. (currently Panasonic Corporation), I was engaged in research on injection molding and other molding processes at the Production Technology Research Institute. I approached the design innovation of front loading mainly from simulation, and related technologies such as rheology, molds, and molding machines. After experiencing the manufacturing department, I became the head of the Production Technology Research Institute (Manufacturing Innovation Center) of the Production Technology Research and Development Department. I sympathize with the idea of creating new functions and realizing mass production that Nature Architects aims for, and I serve as an advisor.

Kimiaki Nakata