法務・知財ディレクター / 弁理士

Director, Legal & Intellectual Property / Japanese Patent Attorney

倉持誠Makoto Kuramochi Makoto Kuramochi


Graduated from Department of Mechanical Engineering, School of Science and Engineering, Waseda University. Licenses and Certifications: Japanese Patent Attorney (admitted to practice IP infringement litigation), AIPE 1st grade Certified Specialist of IP Management (patent) and AIPE IP Analyst. After engaging in development of endoscopic surgery related instruments at Olympus, engaged mainly in filings and prosecutions of domestic and foreign patent applications at Wakaba patent firm. After that, as Director of Asian Patent Operations of Thomson Licensing (a Technicolor company), engaged mainly in building of patent portfolio and patent licensing for audio-visual technologies. After that, engaged in legal and IP affairs at Japanese startup companies and joined Nature Architects in 2020.

Makoto Kuramochi