DFM Design Solutions
DFM Design Solutions

DFM Design Solutionsとは
DFM Design Solutions

DFM-DSは様々な領域の製造業顧客の設計を効率化・高付加価値化する設計ソリューションです。メタマテリアルと呼ばれる従来の物理機能を凌駕する幾何構造の設計技術「DFM(Direct Functional Modeling)」をベースにすることで、従来設計フローを自動化し効率化するだけではなく革新的な形状/構造設計を積極的に行い、新規の概念設計・詳細設計・量産まで付加価値の高い製品開発を支援します。



Nature ArchitectsはDFM Design Solutionsをソフトウェアモジュールとして顧客・プロダクトごとにカスタマイズして提供し、弊社エンジニアと共に運用することで製品設計を支援します。

DFM Design Solutions is the group of design solutions offered by Nature Architects.
Using our proprietary design algorithm, Direct Functional Modeling™️, we provide a variety of physical functions such as
* Vibration Control
* Vibration transmission
* Deformation control by integrated structure
* Heat exchange control

In addition to the above, we can also realize highly challenging designs in which shape and physical function are closely related. For example, there is generally a trade-off between reducing the weight of a component and ensuring its support stiffness, where improving the performance of one compromises the other.
In order to extend the limits of such trade-offs, we have created an innovative information environment for the proper design of metamaterials, compliant mechanisms, and other structural design knowledge.

By operating these assets in-house and customizing them for each project, we are able to provide solutions to difficult design challenges, including trade-offs, that require a great deal of trial and error with conventional technologies. By designing with us, you can
Explore the possibility of functions that exceed those of conventional products
* Standardize the design process by digitizing the design
* Shorten design lead time
* Shorten design lead time, and create high value-added products.

Detailed Solutions


DFM PULSEはNature Architectsが提供する防振設計ソリューションです。
従来の防振技術ではバネやゴムなどの弾性部材を用いて振動を抑制していました。一方、DFM PULSEは木材、金属、ガラス、樹脂など様々な材料に適切な形状を設計・加工することで、バネやゴムを用いることなく振動を抑制することができます。

DFM PULSE is a vibration isolation design solution from Nature Architects.
Conventional vibration isolation techniques use elastic components such as springs or rubber to suppress vibration. DFM PULSE, on the other hand, can be designed and fabricated in a variety of materials such as wood, metal, glass and plastic to reduce vibration without the use of springs or rubber.
This means that vibration isolation can be seamlessly embedded into a wide variety of components and products, such as motors, speakers, mobility and electronic infrastructure, without the need for additional assembly processes.


振動によって情報を提示する触覚(ハプティクス)技術は、近年スマートフォン、ゲーム、モビリティなど様々な領域で用いられています。DFM TOUCHは振動アクチュエータが組み込まれたプロダクトの筺体に適切に幾何構造を設計・加工することで、振動の領域、強度、振動方向などを自由に設計するソリューションです。

In recent years, haptics technology, which presents information through vibration, has been used in various fields such as smartphones, games, and mobility. DFM TOUCH is a solution to freely design the area, intensity, and direction of vibration by designing and processing the appropriate geometric structure in the housing of the product in which the vibration actuator is embedded.


一般に複雑な立体形状を板金加工で造形するためには、平面の金属板を溶接することが必要となります。全体の形状設計の中に溶接工程が入ることで、製造における環境負荷、リードタイムの増加要因となっています。DFM UNWELDは板金にプレス加工やレーザー加工などで造形可能な図面をコンピューテーショナルに生成することで、溶接なしで板金に弾性・塑性変形を設計するソリューションです。

In general, in order to form complex three-dimensional shapes in sheet metal processing, it is necessary to weld flat metal sheets. DFM UNWELD is a solution to design elastic and plastic deformation in sheet metal without welding by computer-generating drawings that can be formed in sheet metal by stamping or laser processing. This is the solution.